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Wecome to jules

our Mission

to prepare children for jobs of future

JULES helps children build lifelong thinking skills
through digital literacy and computational thinking

we need skills for a changing world!

2 out of 3 children starting primary school will have jobs that do not exist today. As 600 million children will be born in the next 10 years, for the 1st time in the history, we don't know what to teach our kids.

Digital Literacy & Computational Thinking New Literacy for the 21st Century

world's first proprietary Digital literacy curriculum

teaching computational thinking to pre-schoolers

25% screen time
75% off-line activities

We’ve designed a curriculum that combines a new-media with classic educational approaches—because we recognize each have their own strengths and benefits to children’s education. The School of Fish Curriculum ensures effective learning by teaching skills through hands-on and technological mediums.

animated characters Doodle episode

The concepts of Computational Thinking (CT ) are delivered to kids through the fun and unforgettable Animated Hero: Professor Doodle. Profound concepts, like “Algorithmic Thinking” and "Pattern Recognition", will be explained in simple terms for children to understand and apply in daily life situations.

Analytics JULES Dashboard

The JULES Dashboard provides teachers with instructions and full lesson plans to facilitate classroom learning and data on student progress. With these analytical statistics, both educators and parents can monitor and manage kids' learning process. It also enables JULES to help your child master Digital Literacy & Computational Think

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