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Founder's Message

Jonathan Chan

Founder and CEO

The world has changed since the internet emerged in 1995. Ever since, our lives have been permeated by computers. Within a decade, everything is going to be connected by sensors, and the technologies of AI, self-driving car, virtual reality healthcare, household robots are already close at hand.

That’s why Digital Literacy & Computational Thinking skill becomes essential in 21century. By combining the computing power with human creativity and insights, we can solve problems!

Children today are born digital. They know everything through their exceptional ability to access information on the internet.

Our awarding-winning “School of Fish”(SOF) teaches young children Digital Literacy, Computational Thinking skills, and how to be a responsible and safe internet surfer while they are having fun. We equip our children with the essential problem solving skills and the flexibility to adjust to the technology to thrive and flourish in the 21 century.

Jonathan Chan

Oct. 1st, 2017

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